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PV modules generate electricity directly from sunlight through an electronic process that occurs naturally in certain types of material, known as semiconductors. Solar energy frees electrons in these materials to travel through an electrical circuit for series of conversion into alternate current to, power electrical devices in a stand-alone installation or the generated energy is sent to the grid

RENESOL Limited is the specialist in domestic renewable solution for electricity, warm water , borehole street light all from solar, wind and hydro sources. With this we guarantee you environmental friendly energy solution at highest quality We provide services in street lightings, garden lights, indoor and outdoor applications. Our services focus more in providing affordable and clean energy that is adaptable for every need


Our team of experienced engineers is committed to providing our customers with high quality solar lighting systems and excellent customer service, our products comply with CE, DIN and other approved criteria. As service provider, our Engineering team develops, and integrates high quality LED light sources, solar charged controllers, poles, and other major renewable energy components to produce high valued, reliable, and durable finished product for our esteemed customer. Each component of our solar energy system is carefully selected, integrated and configured to ensure that you receive the most compact, reliable and efficient solar system.

We aim to provide energy saving and environmentally friendly solar powered energy source at competitive prices





As one of the leading service providers of solar outdoor lights, we leverage our buying power to provide our customers with the most cost effective solar power solutions. 
RENESOL develops solar outdoor lights solutions with the best components, we sell solar lights at some of the lowest prices in the industry. 
We pay attention to every component and work diligently to ensure that every step of the energy conversion process is maximized. 
We only use the best components so that we minimize the total cost of ownership for our customers.



RENESOL works with our customers to design the best street lighting solution for their individual needs. 
We customize every solar lighting  products in a way to ensure it is the optimal choice for your environment, temperature, as well as sunlight duration.



We offers you excellent customer service with highly competitive prices. 
Our sales and service team in the regions covered will provide you with attentive service along with durable and dependable solar lights.


Our Addresses:

In Switzerland:

5, Matterstrasse. CH-3006 Bern

In Nigeria:

42, Iyesi Road, Iyana-Iyesi, OTA. Ogun State


EMAIL: solar@renesol.com

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We guarantee you clean efficient and quality workmanship+

                                 Engr. Ayan--

Our quality servises to you are our greatest asset

--Engr. Dale Marvins

Rural SOlar Electricity at Kampala Village, MinnaRural SOlar Electricity at Kampala Village, Minna

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